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NEWS : T-Mobile to Launch Behold II and Tap in November
Mobile phone carrier T-Mobile has already announced that it will deliver a series of new handsets to its users, and now some possible launch dates for two of the devices have emerged into the wild. It seems that the wireless operator is set to launch the Android-based Samsung Behold II on November 18, while the touchscreen-enabled T-Mobile Tap is expected to land on November 11.

It’s no mystery that T-Mobile''s first Samsung mobile phone that will run under Google''s Android operating system is the Samsung Behold II, and the same applies to the fact that it will be launched before the end of the ongoing year, yet no official release date has been provided until now. However, according to TmoNews, it shouldn''t be later than November 18 that Samsung Behold II will become available for purchase.

The specification list of this device should be already known, and there are probably a wide range of enthusiasts eagerly waiting for that AMOLED touch-screen to come to the shelves so as to offer them a better viewing experience. Moreover, the handset will also include Samsung’s “exclusive cube menu” system, along with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

As for the second device, the touch-enabled T-Mobile Tap, which has been said to come around with great features, it is expected to make an appearance on T-Mobile''s offering on November 11. The handset will come with a low price tag, but it will still include a series of attractive capabilities, such as a 2-megapixel photo snapper, built-in GPS receiver, stereo Bluetooth and web browsing capabilities with web2go over T-Mobile’s 3G network. There are great chances that the wireless carrier will have this phone available for its users at a price tag under $100, so it might see great traction during the holiday season.
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