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NEWS : T-Mobile Pins Outages on Software Glitch
On Wednesday, T-Mobile said it had discovered the root cause of the outages on Tuesday: a software glitch.

The explanation was posted on T-Mobile''s support forums at 3:30 PM PT on Wednesday. T-Mobile also reconfirmed in a separate message, posted earlier at 9:30 AM PT, that it had restored service to all customers, including voice, text, and picture messaging.

Some users, however, said they were still without service, and took to T-Mobile''s support forums to prove it. Really guys? Seriously? 4pm PST I wasn''t receiving messages. 4:44PST I wasn''t receiving messages, stevenjcarney wrote. My friends boyfriend is also not receiving messages. This is not fixed. FIX IT.

On Tuesday, some T-Mobile customers may have experienced service disruptions impacting voice and messaging services, the company said at 3:30 PM PT. We restored full service to all affected customers later in the day. After investigating the cause, we have determined that a backend system software error had generated abnormal congestion on the network. T-Mobile has since implemented additional measures to help prevent this from happening in the future. We again apologize to those customers who were affected and may have been inconvenienced.

T-Mobile also recommended that users power off their phones if they still experienced difficulties. This will update your connection to the network and should restore your access to these services, the company said.

T-Mobile users were stung by outages on Tuesday, even as the company said it was fixing the problem. By late Tuesday night, the company had restored service to all users, and the hunt for the underlying cause was on. T-Mobile never said how many users in total were affected, merely identifying that the outages had been confined to 5 percent of users by about 10:25 PM PT on Tuesday night.

After T-Mobile declared the situation resolved, however, several users disputed the claim, and that powering off the phones would resolve any lingering issues. This is simply not true, stephcon wrote. NOTHING has been fixed with my phone. Now, when people try to call my phone it goes straight to voice mail. I still cannot receive text messages, but people do receive the ones that I send them.

After waking up this morning and realizing that my phone was still not working, I called T-mobile''s customer service, stephcon added. I was told to, of course, turn my phone off and then back on. The agent explained that he was re-registering my position on their network. He had problems doing that. He had me confirm the SIM card number and repeatedly turn my phone on and off. After realizing that he couldn''t resolve the problem, he put me on hold and got ''tier 2 tech'' involved. They never got on the line with me, but the gentleman I had been speaking to came back on the line and told me that they told him that service hadn''t actually been fully restored... still putting in fixes... rapid response team is working on it... no time line for when it may be fixed... shouldn''t be too long. (That was at 11:30 am central time, today, Wed. Nov. 4th.) What he could do for me is give me a $10 credit on my account, and free unlimited mobile web on all 4 lines.

#T-Mobile, however, had disappeared from Twitter at press time, replaced with cheering fans of both World Series teams. Meanwhile, Joe Mallahan, vice president of operations strategy for T-Mobile, trailed Mike McGinn by under 500 votes in the race to be Seattle''s next mayor.
Posted By : hareing
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