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HTC Touch Diamond2 to be Available from April 17th
N/A Without an official words from HTC itself, Expansys UK has started to accept pre-orders of the new HTC Touch Diamond2 with an expected delivery date of April 17th. The company is selling the Touch Diamond2 at 488 USD before tax or 561 USD after tax. The Touch Diamond2 incorporates a larger 3.2-inch high-resolution wide-screen VGA displ...more

Man loses Nokia cell phone to a hungry fish, only to recover it a week later
It might sound like a fishy tale, but the Sun, a U.K. based newspaper, is reporting that a man that had lost his Nokia cell phone in the water was reunited with his phone a week later after a fisherman had caught the 25 pound cod that had swallowed the phone. According to the phone''s owner, Andrew Cheatle, it still functioned to ...more

Sidekicks might top a dubious category: theft
Nisha Taylor was just about to put her beloved T-Mobile Sidekick in her bag. She thought the cell phone would be safer there than in her pocket. In the few seconds it took for the 18-year-old to unwind the string loop that held the Sidekick to her wrist, someone else eyed the device and made off with it. He just runs and he hits the ph...more

Eco-friendly cell phone renews what''s old
If you are eco-conscious, you probably recycle, watch your energy consumption and even wear organic cotton. But are you going green with your gadgets? Motorola is launching a new cell phone that''s environmentally friendly. The W233 Renew phone is made from recycled water bottles, which otherwise would take many hundreds of years to dis...more

For Prepaid Customers, Phones That Won’t Give You Away Anymore
N/A Prepaid cellphones have long been an outlet for those without the money or credit rating to get a contract with one of the major mobile carriers. But the price for easy access to a cellphone has been junky products and calls made with an eye on the clock. But because of some recent changes, people whose cellphone bills are hovering aro...more

Samsung Tops Mobile Phone Customer Loyalty in Canada
N/A IDC ranks Samsung on top for mobile handset shipments in Canada for the fourth year in a row. But arguably more important is the fact that the research firm says Samsung took the top spot in device loyalty as well. At a time when customers tend to flip their mobile phones every year or two, it becomes even more important for manufactur...more

Nokia Multi-Core Linux MID
N/A Nokia might be one company that comes out with pretty dizzy phones, but that doesn''t mean they are willing to rest on their laurels. Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo already plans to jump aboard the laptop bandwagon, and could be working on a multi-core Linux MID where we''re looking at a 2011 release date. Assuming that is so, we...more

Verizon Wireless goes official with the LG Versa
N/A Verizon Wireless and LG have officially announced the LG Versa today, saying that the modular touch screen phone will be available starting March 1st. The Versa is so named for its promised versatility -- it will come with different attachments so that you can customize the phone to your liking. For starters, the Versa will come with an a...more

Email@Mobile enables MS-Exchange access over ordinary Nokia mobile phones
Access to real-time business e-mail on the MS-Exchange just got easier for mobile professionals with an easy-to-use, groundbreaking patent pending software solution email@mobile from Adroit Claretdene Infotech. Users can now use their ordinary Nokia phone with WAP 2.0 mobile browser to wirelessly access their corporate e-mail when aw...more

Stolen Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone Stripped of Data
N/A Remember the stolen Windows Mobile 6.5 loaded HTC Diamond stolen from the Telstra chief at last week''s Mobile World Congress? Apparently, the device had been stripped off all the data it had - including the OS - as soon as the theft was reported, according to fresh reports. Soon after it was learnt that the prized device had gone ...more

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