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Siemens CX75 review
N/A Introductions:... CX75 is the first phone of the new series to hit the market. Unlike its successful forerunner it can boast of a megapixel camera, Bluetooth, memory cards support and finer display. Moreover, it features a slightly extravagant design. Key features Bluetooth Memory card slot MP3 player Megapixel camera ...more

Nokia 6020 review
N/A Most major phone makers target all parts of the market. Because of that they want to offer high functionality phones not only for business users, but also for all others. So they usually do it this way: they release some new business-class model and after some time offer almost the same model, but with some features removed. Those phones ...more

Samsung D500 review
N/A More and more Samsung models come in slider form: these include SGH-D410, SGH-E800, SGH-E630 and business-class phone SGH-D500 that we''re going to review. But in our opinion, it can''t be called pure business-class phone. Because of its style it perfectly fits both businessmen and those, who look for style in phone first. D...more

Nokia 6600 review
N/A Nokia 6600 is the successor of the popular Nokia 7650 and 3650 smartphones. The first one from these three phones, the 7650, appeared more than a year ago. Then it was one of the first phones, equipped with digital camera. But that wasn''t all interesting phone''s features. Nokia 7650 had almost all functions that were available at that t...more

Panasonic X700 Review
N/A As most mobile phone makers, Panasonic pays a lot of attention to both technology and style. So now this Japanese maker started paying more attention to devices that are becoming more and more popular among majority of users: smartphones. So we have the first smartphone from this maker - Panasonic X700. Design Panasonic X700 is a cla...more

The Walkman Phone Lives
N/A We swung by Sony Ericsson''s product launch event in Manhattan and got the scoop on two new phones and two new accessories. Of course, everyone was focused on the W600 Walkman, and it''s chockfull of surprises (good and bad.) Online Exclusive A lot of people have been waiting to see what Sony Ericsson would have up its musical s...more

Nokia 7710 review
N/A Nokia’s 7710 is quite possibly the oddest handsets on the market today. It doesn’t have a number pad, and it looks more like a games console than a phone. This is all part and parcel of the bigger picture with this device, though it is a true hybrid, and if my days of evaluation tell me nothing else, they shout loud and clear that a...more

Review of Nokia 7260
N/A Intense StrikingDesigned for the daring. That''s obviously what Nokia had in mind when they designed the Nokia 7260. I must say, they have done a pretty good job at it. Sporting either a glossy white or black body, with silver serpent-like style, this phone will definitely attract attention. It is a triple band (900/1800/1900 MHz) GS...more

Review of Sony Ericsson''s 2 megapixel K750i
N/A Megapixel cameras on phones are not only all the rage, they are now actually starting to matter. While a good quality 1 megapixel camera can let you print a small photo, a good 2 megapixel camera should let you print 5x7 prints with abandon - and if you are lucky, you might even be able to squeeze an 8x10 print out of a particularly good ...more

Jabra''s BT800 Bluetooth Headset
 BT800 Bluetooth Headset We are starting to see what is sure to be the next wave in Bluetooth headsets: displays. like the Sony Ericsson HBH-660, the new Jabra BT800 has a monochrome LCD display that shows caller ID information from the handset - even showing the name if your phone has a contact record for the inbound caller already. In the case of the BT800...more

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