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Nokia set to join apps store race with Symbian offering
Every handset maker and software house wants to enhance its position in the mobile content value chain, by having its own-branded applications store, closely tied into its device and/or operating system. Apple led the way; Palm, RIM and Google Android have followed; new stores are imminent from Samsung, Microsoft, and now Nokia. Nokia ...more

Apple iPod touch (Gen 2) Review
N/A Apple''s iPod touch is the device for those who want all the features of the iPhone, but without the phone. The first-generation model came out in 2007, and has recently been followed by an improved version. One of the best things Apple is known for, outside of releasing revolutionary electronics devices, is quickly updating said items...more

Nokia 6600 Slide 3G mobile phone
N/A While Nokia continues to trundle out heavyweight smartphones like the N96 and N85, itís also taking care of business down-market with models like the 6600 Slide. Rather than majoring on top-of-the-line, do-it-all gadgetry, the 6600 Slide is a 3G-enabled slider thatís more likely to gladden potential buyers with its smoot...more

Samsung Behold Rated 3.5 out of 5 by Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews
N/A The Samsung Behold holds a lot of promise as mid-level feature phone for users who want a 5 megpixel camera, multimedia capabilities, email syncing, Bluetooth, GPS, and some web browsing. One reviewer thought the full-featured camera was better than the Moto ZN5 while another thought the Samsung Behold camera was not as good as the ZN5. ...more

LG Titanium Voyager review
N/A Essentially taking last year''s LG Voyager and slapping a coat of silver Titanium paint and new firmware on the innards and calling it a refresh, Verizon launched the VX 10KV09, the Titanium Voyager. Verizon is essentially charging $149 with a two year contract for a firmware update, at least when Apple charges for firmware it is...more

Review: 3''s INQ1
N/A Should the INQ1 - 3''s new Facebook phone - be mentioned in the same sentence as the iPhone, G1 and Storm? I think it should. OK, it is not a touchscreen device, but it does do exactly what those devices do: it (horrible word) mobilises existing PC-based online behaviours. Here''s the thing: watch a lot of - especially younger - people...more

Samsung Epix review (AT&T)
N/A Design - Good The Samsung Epix looks a lot like the Samsung BlackJack, but please don''t call it that (BlackBerry''s RIM might sue). It''s a slab QWERTY phone, but the updated Samsung Epix adds some hardware features to the mix of which the BlackJack never dreamed. Instead of a navigation button in the center of the phone, t...more

Samsung i550 review
N/A Samsung SGH-i550 review on LetsGoMobile : The Samsung i550 cell phone is slightly bigger than usual, which makes the buttons more readable and easier to operate, truly meant for business use. The Samsung i550 features a 3.0 megapixel digital camera, built-in GPS receiver with navigation software, FM radio and excellent Internet and Email ...more

Samsung M220 - blue (Sprint)
N/A Think of the Samsung SPH-M220 as the low-end alternative to the already basic Samsung SPH-M320. While both handsets are designed primarily for communication, the SPH-M220 ditches all frills except for Bluetooth. Yet, the result is a simple and easy-to-use handset with decent call quality. This isn''t a handset for extreme lifestyles ...more

The Ultimate Samsung i900 Review
N/A Smartphone makers around the globe are tripping all over themselves in an attempt to create a phone that can compete with Appleís iPhone. Samsung may have a winner with the Samsung i900, alternatively known as the Samsung SGH-i900 or the Samsung Omnia. This phone is a touch-screen based phone that is designed to offer many o...more

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