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Cheating Lovers! How To Avoid Being Caught By Your Phone
N/A The mobile phone is an essential tool for the modern cheat. The landline is just too audible, the computer is usually shared, and plans can change at (extremely) short notice. But recent studies show that while the phone has replaced the pen, the pen is mightier than the sword, and the sword is double-edged, and this analogy has been stre...more

Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier and Bluetooth Gateway
N/A No matter where I live, it always seems that I don''t have good mobile phone reception. All I want is to be able to take calls that ring in on my mobile, which is my main business line, without having to stand in the corner, on tiptoes, and have to apologize to clients when they can''t hear me or the call is dropped. Is that so ...more

Is that a CNET in Your Pocket?
N/A Have you ever stood in front of a wall of plasma and LCD televisions and wished you had a CNET editor beside you, helping you decide which TV to buy? Wish no more! Today CNET Networks Australia launches CNET in Your Pocket, bringing the best tech news and reviews from the PC to your WAP-enabled mobile handset. In addition to the la...more

PHONE Magazine Week in Review
N/A It’s been all about posturing and spending this week, with manufacturers, developers and carriers all jostling for headlines. Biggest news has to be the conclusion of the FCC’s 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, which has netted the Commission almost $20bn, Verizon Wireless the lion’s share of the coveted Block C, and AT&T yet more licenc...more

Palm Centro, GSM for AT&T
N/A Back in October 2007, we reviewed the Palm Centro, at that time exclusive to Sprint in the US. Now AT&T is offering the GSM version of Palm''s most affordable PDA phone. Selling for $50 less than the Treo 680 on AT&T Wireless, the Centro is also smaller and lighter. The Centro is an introductory level PDA phone that runs Palm OS Garnet 5....more

The first must-have mobile game of 2008.
Punch Entertainment is ambitious. Mobile Battles: Reign of Swords is a deep, compelling turn-based strategy game that takes the core elements every gamer loves about Nintendo''s Advance Wars series and then drafts them online. Yes -- online. This wizards-and-warrior fantasy game can be played both over the air against human opponents as w...more

Samsung SGH-F700 smartphone
Samsung With the world and his wife seemingly happy with either Symbian or Windows Mobile running their smartphones, any phone OS newcomer - especially one without an Apple logo slapped on it - has something of a hill to climb. Samsung''s new F700 actually has two mountains to tackle. The touchscreen UI makes for an obvious comparison with th...more

Sony Ericsson W960 mobile phone
Sony Ericsson For a mobile phone to be ultimately successful in the mass market, there are three things which need to be achieved. First, good, attractive, design – it must have the wow factor. Secondly, the device must have an operating system people will find easy to use. And thirdly, it must sport nifty technology that sets it apart from the pack. ...more

Nokia N95 Camera Phone Review
N/A The Nokia N95, the flagship smartphone from Nokia and one of their most successful handset to date has been around for quite some time. It even spawned two newer version to accommodate user preference, its big brother, the N95 8GB and the N95-3, which adds 3G support for North America. The N95 runs on Nokia’s proprietary operating soft...more

Nokia 8800 Arte Mobile phone review
N/A The good: Slightly improved design over the Sirocco; solid build quality; 3G connectivity; Bluetooth stereo A2DP; 1GB onboard memory. The bad: No built-in flash for camera; lack of expansion card slot. The bottom line: The 8800 Arte isn''t an exciting upgrade from the Siroccos, but still is a decent luxury handset that isn''t pric...more

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