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Samsung Widescreen Phone
The Samsung Widescreen promises a better mobile TV experience with its 2.3-inch widescreen and lightning fast download speeds when connected to Telstra''s Next G network. We take a look at this dual flip phone to find out whether it will change the way people watch shows on their mobile. Click to enlarge Watching mobile TV or surfin...more

HTC Touch (Sprint) Review of Reviews
HTCT HTC Touch (Sprint) rated 4 out of 5 by Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews Before you get in touch with the HTC Touch Windows smartphone, please be aware that there are two models available in the US, the first model that came out in June was an unlocked GSM phone that was always compared to the iPhone and has sold over 800,00...more

Sony Ericsson K850i
N/A Whether you like it or not, people are going to compare the Sony Ericsson K850i with the Nokia N95. The biggest similarity between the two is their 5-megapixel camera modules. But with the N95''s advantage of an earlier market release and an overall stronger suite of features, can the K850i still hold the fort? Design The design c...more

Nokia 8600 Luna
Nokia The Nokia 8600 Luna is a fashionable mobile phone which comes with high quality features. The luxury handset has been designed with attention to detail which gives it the head turning affect if deserves. The casing has a stainless steel body & comes with smooth lines & edges which make the 8600 Luna highly attractive. The phone has a slid...more

Mobile Phone Game Review Street Fighter II
Imagine if phones were advanced enough back in 1993 to actually play Street Fighter II. It''s phenomenon already gripped game consoles and mainstream products, yet most players would have dealt with the necessary cutbacks to play the title on their meager caller ID boxes if they could. Thankfully, we''ve progressed since then and Capcom h...more

T-Mobile Sidekick iD Review
N/A Judging by T-Mobile''s videos on, you have to be young and wear clothes designed in the 1970s and sold by Old Navy in the twenty-first century to enjoy or appreciate the T-Mobile Sidekick iD. I was a kid when those clothes were designed, and texting was done on paper; but I can still appreciate the Sidekick iD. Way back ...more

CDMA audits resume across Australia
Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan announced further audits of CDMA coverage in Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and North Queensland will be conducted by the Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The audits proceed reviews undertaken in August last year which assessed the coverage of Telstra''s...more

New uses for mobile phones
First of two columns on new uses of mobile phones. Today: an info-on-demand service for cell phones. Next Tuesday: local initiatives to bring environmental ratings, Wikipedia answers, and social networking to cell phones. On shopping trips, you probably take along a powerful computer that could help you compare prices and consult produ...more

Nokia Finds U.S. Distributors For Dual-Mode Business Phones
Nokia, which has been unable to sell a combination Wi-Fi and cellular phone to U.S. businesses, expects to announce several major distributors in a couple of weeks. The handset maker has been selling dual-mode phones in Europe without a hitch. But when Cingular introduced the E61 in the United States last fall, Wi-Fi support was dro ...more

Businesses dial up cellphone shoppers
It was winter 2005 and Alex Muller needed a sweeper. The New York City resident began wandering around looking for stores that might carry them. But he missed the Internet with its easy access to vacuum cleaner ratings, reviews and information on who might have good ones. That experience inspired the Carnegie Mellon University alum to ...more

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